How can I find the version of my AMPS server?

There are several simple ways to get the version number of the AMPS server:

  1. Run ampServer with the --version flag, as shown below

    $ ampServer --version

    This will produce a version string such as:

  2. When the AMPS process starts, it writes the version number to standard error on the console. If your environment captures the output when AMPS starts, look for the AMPS startup banner:

    AMPS - Copyright (c) 2006-2016 60East Technologies Inc.(Built: 2016-12-20T06:55:11Z)

    In this case, the version string is

  3. AMPS writes the version number to the event log in the 00-0001 startup message, which is an info level message. For example:

    2016-12-28T12:29:05.0609820-08:00 [1] info: 00-0001 AMPS (Built: 2016-12-20T06:55:11Z) - Copyright (c) 2006-2016 60East Technologies Inc.

    As with the two previous examples, the version string is

  4. The version of the AMPS server is shown in the server information pane of the Galvanometer.

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