60East Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the 60East Frequently Asked Questions. This site has questions in a number of different categories:

Support and Release

What is the 60East Hotfix Policy?

How do I use WinSCP to upload files to the 60East SFTP support server?

Can everyone see things I put in support tickets?

What is a "Preview" version of the AMPS Server?

How can I split large log files to upload them?

Is replication between different versions of AMPS supported?

What's in a minidump file? Does it include the data that's in AMPS?

AMPS Features and Capabilities

AMPS on Apple Silicon: Running a Development Instance

Can I run AMPS on Windows?

What is the difference between a Topic in the SOW and the Transaction Log?

How fast is AMPS?

What software/hardware is required to run AMPS?

Content filtering sounds cool, how does it work?

How does a messaging product support queries?

What's BFlat?

How do I run AMPS in a Docker container?

What is the default message type for AMPS?

What is the difference between historical SOW and bookmark replay?

Is AMPS a point-to-point messaging product?

Do I have to use delta publish to have a delta subscription?

What database does AMPS use?

What happens if data changes while a SOW query is running?

How many columns/fields can I have in a SOW topic? In a view?

How can I do ad hoc message routing in AMPS?

Does AMPS support replication?

What is a bookmark subscription?

What is a View and how can it be used for aggregation?

What is "Focus" in AMPS?

Application Development

What are the entries in a bookmark store file?

What is the difference between "execution time" and "elapsed time" in the logs?

Which is faster, a regular subscription or a bookmark subscription that uses the "live" option?

What are some ways to consume large SOW queries?

Which version of the client do I need for a specific version of AMPS?

Unique Client Naming and AMPS

Should I use TCP_NODELAY for connections to AMPS?

Should I use Command or Message to send commands to AMPS?

Why should I use AMPS content filtering?

Can I publish and subscribe at the same time?

Do I need to list every field in a SOW topic configuration?

What CRC32 implementation does AMPS use?

How do I set the CorrelationId when I publish a message?

Can AMPS filters do case-insensitive comparisons?

Why does publishFlush() wait forever when I'm using replication?

Does AMPS validate messages?

How does an application pass credentials to AMPS?

Where is the list of all the error messages in AMPS?

How does AMPS handle invalid FIX/NVFIX?

How can I get the number of records in a SOW topic?

Are SOW topics that are replicated guaranteed to be in sync on all instances?

Is there a way to store client state in AMPS?

What can cause an "unknown command received" or "parse format error"?

How can I have AMPS ignore SIGHUP?

How can I paginate a SOW query?

Should I use the SOW delete action or message expiration to maintain my SOW topic?

Can I send commands to AMPS from inside a message handler?

Can I just send uninterpreted binary messages with AMPS?

What character encoding is being used by the AMPS clients?

What character set is supported for CorrelationID?

How do I use a custom Authenticator with HAClient?

What's the difference between CommandId, QueryId, and SubId?

Do I need to use an HAClient?

Can I add a correlation token to the header of a message?

How can I use LastChanceMessageHandler to find which message failed?

How can I delete messages from a SOW topic?

Can I enforce unique client naming without creating a transaction log file?

How can I tell if my program is not entitled to publish to a topic?

How does AMPS support UTF-8 and Unicode?

How do I subscribe to a view or an aggregate in my program?

Why does AMPS disconnect a client with a 'name in use' error?

How do I configure SOW storage parameters?

How do I get only the first 100 records from a SOW query?

Does AMPS return messages from the SOW in the order published?

What happens if data changes while a SOW query is running?

Why do messages sometimes have strange data when I'm using asynchronous processing?

Do I have to add configuration for every topic I want to publish to?

How does AMPS construct the SowKey for a message?

What happens if I change the key of a SOW topic?

How do I change the filter on a subscription?

In bookmark subscribes, why does EPOCH give me the same messages as MOST_RECENT?

Can a client have more than one subscription at a time?

Can a subscriber tell who published a message?

Why does my HAClient appear to hang when my server is down or the URI is incorrect?

How do I remove messages from a SOW?

When using the Python client, will the background thread exit when the program exits?

Do I need more than one AMPS client object in my program?

How can I reconnect to my AMPS server when a disconnect occurs?

How can I use AMPS with a XAML application?

Operations and Deployment

What Does it Mean when dmesg Says AMPS Blocked for More than 120 Seconds

What is the 60East Hotfix Policy?

Managing complicated configuration files

How can I find the version of my AMPS server?

Can I run multiple instances of AMPS on the same system?

What software/hardware is required to run AMPS?

What's in a minidump file? Does it include the data that's in AMPS?

What does seconds_behind mean?

How do I run AMPS in a Docker container?

How do I use custom authentication with spark?

How can I tell where a connection is coming from?

What does it mean when AMPS has detected that it may not be running correctly?

What is client reaping?

Is replication between different versions of AMPS supported?

How much bandwidth will replication require?

What value is normal for a specific performance counter?

Why is AMPS logging a memory allocation failure when the system has plenty of free memory?

Can I check a configuration file without restarting AMPS?

What does a "message cache is throttled" warning mean?

Does AMPS log current process limits?

How do I exclude passwords in trace logging?

Where is the list of all the error messages in AMPS?

What's the difference between sync and async acknowledgement in AMPS replication?

Do I need to worry when a regular expression topic name can't be validated?

Can AMPS run as a User Service?

What does "Replication has detected an existing connection" mean? Why does AMPS close the connection?

Can I dynamically choose which topics to replicate?

What does a "potential stuck thread" message mean?

Should we have Hyper-threading enabled on AMPS servers?

How can I keep only the last week of error logs?

How does AMPS report the specific failure in replication validation?

Does AMPS correctly handle leap seconds?

Why does AMPS disconnect a client with a 'name in use' error?

How do I copy a SOW from one AMPS instance to another?

How can I control the size of the statistics database?

How can I configure AMPS to use a specific network adapter?

How can I limit the amount of memory AMPS consumes?

How do I set up a failover group in my replication destination?

How do I get more information on an AMPS error?

What if I need to move messages from one AMPS instance to another?

Is PCIe SSD a requirement when using a transaction log?

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