How do I use WinSCP to upload files to the 60East SFTP support server?

For SFTP uploads to support tickets, 60East Support creates and issues private keys that are only valid for a limited period of time. This FAQ describes how to use our SFTP private keys with WinSCP.

WinSCP is a popular SCP and SFTP client on the Windows platform. Some of our customers only have access to external networks from their Windows desktops, so they need to copy requested support uploads from their Linux AMPS server to their Windows desktop before uploading them to the 60East SFTP support server at

The SFTP private keys that 60East Support issues for file uploads on a support ticket are in the OpenSSH format. WinSCP needs to use the PuTTY Private Key (.ppk) format, so the private key needs to be converted to PPK format using PuTTYgen, as described in the procedure below:

Once you have the private key in PPK format, create a new SFTP connection in WinSCP, like so...

Enter "" in the host name field. Enter 'z' followed by your ticket number in the user name field, for example "z6106". Leave the password field blank. Then click on the "Advanced..." button and navigate to the Authentication settings in the dialog that pops up...

In the private key file field, click the file selection button at the right and navigate to where you stored your PPK converted private key file. Then click OK. Then click Save in the main connection dialog to save your connection info.

Now you will have a connection named something like "". Double-click on this to login. If everything was converted and set up correctly, it should let you login without errors. You can now upload files to our remote SFTP support server.

Please notify us in the support ticket once you complete your uploads. Thanks!

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