Is AMPS a point-to-point messaging product?

AMPS has been designed to offer a high degree of message selectivity using topic and content filtering. When using content filters an application can specify the exact messages that it desires and thus a point to point connection makes the most sense. Multicast style messaging products are typically useful for scenarios where many applications want to get the same exact data. However, in scenarios where message selectivity is desirable then multicast can be problematic as applications receive too much data that they read from the network and discard. The extra volume of data and discarding of data can lead to latency inside the application. AMPS was designed to only deliver the messages desired and thus eliminate wasted application cycles dedicated to discarding messages.

AMPS has been designed to be transport agnostic and therefore can be used with any type of transport. See the AMPS User Guide for the supported transports in the current version of AMPS. Contact 60East support for information on custom transports.

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