Should I use the SOW delete action or message expiration to maintain my SOW?

The best way to maintain a SOW depends on the needs of your application and the data involved.

Where possible, the simplest approach is to incorporate SOW maintenance into the workflow and needs of the application itself. For example:

  • When the data in your application has a specific time to live (for example, the data in the message is not guaranteed to be valid after 30 minutes), SOW expiration is the best way to remove that data from the SOW.

  • When your application involves a process where the final stage of the process completes the record (for example, marking an order "finalized"), the final step in processing can remove or archive the record.

If the workflow or the data itself does not suggest a point at which the data will be removed, then using the SOW delete action during a maintenance window is a good option.

Keywords: operation, maintenance, SOW delete, message expiration

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