What can cause an "unknown command received" or "parse format error"?

AMPS reports these messages when it receives data on a Transport that does not match the format of the protocol configured for the Transport.

The two most common reasons that this occurs are:

  • An application that uses an AMPS client is using a different protocol for the transport than AMPS expects.

    For example, if the Transport is configured to use the amps protocol, the following connection string works:

    tcp://<amps server>:<port>/amps

    While this connection string produces unknown command received and parse format error messages:

    tcp://<amps server>:<port>/nvfix

  • Another application is attempting to connect to AMPS. For example, if someone uses a web browser to connect to an AMPS Transport (rather than the Admin URL).

If an application is connecting using the wrong protocol, you can either update the client connection string to use the correct protocol, or update the Transport configuration to change the protocol for that Transport.

Keywords: 02-0030, 12-0000, troubleshooting

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