What software/hardware is required to run AMPS?

AMPS will run on any x86 64-bit Linux server with a 2.6 kernel (or newer). AMPS is highly concurrent and tuned to take advantage of modern x86 CPU features.

The amount of memory required is related to the workload of the server, as described in the AMPS User Guide. Likewise, 60East recommends sizing the network capacity for the server to the amount of traffic expected, and ensuring that the storage for the server has the capacity and throughput to keep up with the expected workload.

60East typically recommends at least a 2 socket server that supports SSE42 and 16 or more physical cores. However, since this is a general recommendation, the actual hardware needed for a given workload may be more or less than that baseline.

AMPS will continue to evolve to exploit the newest CPU features thus it will always run best on the latest hardware.

To run AMPS on other systems for evaluation or development purposes, see the instructions in the Introduction to AMPS guide.

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