Does AMPS log current process limits?

Yes, provided that AMPS is logging at info level or otherwise logging the 00-0032 message.

This message includes information on the limits set for the AMPS process. A sample of this message is shown below:

2016-08-22T11:43:46.8325050-08:00 [1] info: 00-0032 AMPS instance host limits:
Limit                     Soft Limit           Hard Limit           Units     
Max cpu time              unlimited            unlimited            seconds   
Max file size             unlimited            unlimited            bytes     
Max data size             unlimited            unlimited            bytes     
Max stack size            10485760             unlimited            bytes     
Max core file size        0                    unlimited            bytes     
Max resident set          unlimited            unlimited            bytes     
Max processes             1032307              1032307              processes 
Max open files            4096                 4096                 files     
Max locked memory         65536                65536                bytes     
Max address space         unlimited            unlimited            bytes     
Max file locks            unlimited            unlimited            locks     
Max pending signals       1032307              1032307              signals   
Max msgqueue size         819200               819200               bytes     
Max nice priority         0                    0                    
Max realtime priority     0                    0                    
Max realtime timeout      unlimited            unlimited            us      

This information can be especially helpful in troubleshooting problems where AMPS encounters an operating-system enforced limit, such as "too many open files".

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